Kenneth Saluk

Consultant in Los Angeles

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Growing up delivering newpapers in New York from the age of 8, Kenneth "Guch" Saluk has always been a fighter, and has carried this determination into the world of business and throughout all aspects of life.

With over 20 years experience in a wide array of financial markets, products and services as well as other entrepreneurial pursuits, there are very few business opportunities Guch has not learned, through hard work and fierce determination, all without a high school diploma.

For most of the last 2 decades Guch has thrown himself into the world of hemp, successfully consulting to as well as establishing a number of brands that have either been acquired or merged with larger corporations.

Few people have as much real world experience and proven hustle in the hemp industry, and Tellurian will benefit from his experience and passion for all things CBD/CBG/CBN/THC and related products.

From product creation, formulaic design, branding, packaging, manufacturing and distribution there is no part of this industry Guch has not been an active leader in.

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